In this section you will learn what benefits you can get from participating in the DOERSNET network.


Is a unique tool for promoting and enhancing business revenue. DOERSNET brings closer consumers and businesses! In a simple way, in a unique place.

It is the largest business community platform designed to offer a comprehensive, highly interactive experience for everyone, Business and Consumers. DOERSNET is the primary communication tool of the business and also a tool to increase its revenue.

In DOERSNET, each consumer has his own wallet, with refund units that redeems them to companies that are members of the network and only to them, with purchases through the internet or in the store with DOERSNET PAY. In this way, the consumer in every purchase gains from every business he prefers for his purchases, while the companies also achieve revenue growth and a permanent customer

DOERSNET ensures the visibility, the continuous communication with the consumer and, at the same time, the increase of the company's revenues through a high-tech system.


Profile and web page on the DOERSNET network

e-Shop on the DOERSNET network

Creation and offering of coupons

Creation and management of offers

Loyalty Groups

Creation and management of events


A social-business network has been created, for a better and continuous communication of businesses and consumers, completely personalized, because it involves consumers who have applied for their participation by registering the authentication data for their real identity. The consumer network has all the electronic means at its disposal so the user, in a completely secure digital environment, is able to :
  • acquire new friends
  • exchange opionions
  • create groups of common interests
  • organize events of cultural, social, professional, recreational or any other type of event
  • look for work or post job offerings
  • creation of collaborations
  • showcase his work in the network
  • buy products and services from businesses and professional members of the respective business community
  • Each member, through her personal page, will be able to inform and be informed about all the events that take place in the area, in the city and everywhere in Greece where there are members of DOERSNET network (businesses and consumers). With very simple, fast, intelligent processes, each member can carry out promotional moves aimed at an ever-growing audience


Establishment of business network (B to B) & business - consumer network (B to C).

Promotion of business and services.

Product presentation and ability to provide specialized information through use of Image Recognition or QR Code on product labels.

Constant and immediate consumer information from businesses for offers, coupons, new deliveries, new products, price lists, etc.

Establishment of a relationship of trust between businesses and consumers through a standard loyalty system for consumers.

Evaluation and rating of services offered from businesses participating in the network by users of the network.

Alongside with the city's promotion, the platform highlights all the activities of each "Market" and effectively connecting businesses and consumers.

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