Discover here the benefits you get from joining DOERSNET.


It is a unique tool of business promotion and revenue development. DOERSNET brings consumers and businesses closer, in a simple way, in a single place!

It is the largest business community platform that has been designed to offer an entire, highly interactive experience to both businesses and consumers. DOERSNET is the core tool for business communication and revenue increase.

Within DOERSNET, each consumer has own wallet with refund units that can be redeemed only in companies that are network members, using DOERSNET PAY when purchasing through the internet or in the store. This way, consumers gain from every purchase in the business of choice, while companies earn revenue increase and customer loyalty.

Products and services promotion and constant communication with customers is assured in DOERSNET by a system of advanced technology applications.


Social profile and webpage

e-Shop on DOERSNET

Coupons creation and offer

Deals creation and offer

Loyalty Groups

Events creation and management


A social/business network has been created to improve and maintain the communication between businesses and consumers. The network is totally tailor-made as participating consumers have opted to register and enter their identity authentication data. The consumer network provides all necessary digital means so the user, in completely secure environment, is able to:
  • make new friends
  • groupthink
  • create common interest groups
  • arrange cultural, social, professional, recreational or other events
  • search for job or post available job positions
  • establish cooperation
  • promote his work to network enterprises
  • purchase products and services from stores, companies, and professionals who are members of respective business community
  • Each member, through personal page, will be able to inform and be informed about all events that take place near, or in the city, or everywhere there are members of DOERSNET (businesses and/or consumers). With very simple, fast and intelligent processes, each member can execute promotional activities targeted to continuously increasing audience.


Enterprises (B2B), and business-consumer network (B2C) establishment.

Businesses and services promotion.

Product presentation and promotion. Specific information ability with use of Image Recognition or QR Code on product labels.

Constant and instant enterprise updates to consumers about deals, coupons, new arrivals/products, price changes etc.

Establishment of trust relationship between businesses and consumers through ideal loyalty system.

Service evaluation and rating of businesses that participate in the network.

Along with city promotion, platform highlights all of each "Market" ctivities and networks businesses and consumers effectively.

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