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Use DOERSNET to connect with thousands of friends and businesses, stay current with everything happening in the city, choose among thousands of Points-of-Interest, and gain from every purchase you make

The first social network (web & mobile) that highlights all the city's activities and brings businesses and consumers together. It has been designed to offer a holistic experience, which is not limited to information posting and viewing.

Choose DOERSNET to get informed about Points-of-Interest, professionals, products, services, deals, events, as well as communicate with friends, exchange views with businesses and evaluate them, and finally create your own experience as you walk in the digital and physical worlds.

Find what you are looking for


Through DOERSNET.COM you can find businesses from all industries and get informed about their products, services, and new offers, and instantly use unique discount vouchers. You can also post, like, rate and visit their website. Through the DOERSNET app (now available on Google Play and App Store), you can locate businesses either automatically near you or manually somewhere far, navigate to and call them.


Using DOERSNET, you can locate Points-of-Interest such as sights, monuments, museums, universities, hospitals etc. There is full content and additional proposals from DOERSNET APP for activities, events, entertainment, shopping, within walking distance from your location. At DOERSNET, all Points-of-Interest become part of a total experience.


You are traveling or you are planning to travel. You are somewhere and you want to see which mountain, lake, etc. is near you. With DOERSΝΕΤ APP you can see all the relevant geological/geophysical information to your location.

Discount Coupons

Get access to all DOERSNET unique discount coupons. In DOERSNET no credit or debit card is necessary to purchase coupons. You do not even have to pay for them. You just claim and store them in your DOERSNET account and DOERSNET APP. Each coupon is redeemed directly in the enterprise that provides it without any prior financial commitment. In the case that you will not finally use the coupon, there is no obligation derived from it.

Unique Offers

DOERSNET enterprises announce special deals for DOERSNET members. You always have access to all DOERSNET companies’ deals with detailed description, start & expiration date, venue's location on the map, percentage of DOITS acceptance, to gain more from each of your purchases.


You now have the chance to afford what you really want. DOERSNET enterprises accept redemption at DOITS in each purchase and they additionally reward you with DOITS, corresponding to USD, for each of your purchases. You can spend DOITS in any DOERSNET company or store, earning again a reward in your DOERSNET PAY account simply, easily, quickly and not connected to your payment conditions.

Friends' experience on DOERSNET

Visiting a place is always a special experience. Either you are visiting a beautiful sight, you are going out shopping or having fun, you mostly feel the need to share it. Use DOERSNET to share your experience with your friends, comment on friend’s experience, and add them to DOERSNET map together with photos, creating your own content and suggestions.


Each DOERSNET member has a personal account where DOITS are collected. DOERSNET rewards you with DOITS that fully correspond to USD in purchasing value, and can be used for all of your purchases in DOERSNET PAY businesses. Click “My Account” on DOERSNET.COM or DOERSNET APP to check your current balance. You will find there detailed statement of your transactions, sum of DOITS you have earned and redeemed with each purchase, and of course the sum of DOITS that is available for spending in your next purchases.

Send/Accept DOITS

You want to purchase something and you do not have enough DOITS, or your friend needs extra DOITS. You can always send and receive DOITS to/from DOIT accounts. Just open DOERSNET App click on the menu (my account / send / receive) fill your friend's e-mail and the amount of DOITS to send and then click send.

DOERSNET PAY businesses

Each enterprise/professional in DOERSNET has its own profile and is called DOERSNET PAY Bussiness. Corporate profiles include business information, DOERSNET e-shop, available coupons, promotions, product pricelists, deals, videos, photos and – of course – posts, user reviews, likes and venue’s location on the map. It is easy to find a DOERSNET PAY Business to get in contact with, and it is also easy to buy what you want using the DOITS that are available in your account. You can purchase online or you can visit the physical store of the business you are interested in. In the store, you can use DOERSNET APP, your DOERSNET PAY card or just your e-mail and your personal DOERSNET PIN to complete the transaction.

Explore your city and benefit from unique experiences and deals